Our Story

Created in Australia by a French designer and crafted in Bali, Bay of Fire evokes an imaginary cove at the crossroads of these three destinations.

A place where women are feminine, fearless and free. A place where they can dare and venture, be wild and feel forever powerful. A place where they surf, swim and dive with assurance as their trepidation turns into thrill.

Bay Of Fire encourages all women to ignite their inner fire. Our swimsuits combine the highest support possible, refinedly sexy details and a rock’n’roll touch. Just paddle out or dive in to cool off your blazing confidence! 

Button label

    All top and full piece designs have 3 layers, an integrated bra and the option to have foam pads. All bottoms have 2 layers and internal bum stitches on the edges to stay on…

    So you feel comfortable while moving on the beach and in the water


    Refinedly sexy details on all designs such as cut outs, braids or bows…

    …Giving you confidence and making you feel empowered on the sand and in the ocean


    Bikinis and swimsuits are available in natural and deep colours (no flashy or bright tones). They also feature our rock’n’roll fire logo on a small metallic button…

    …To add a little daring and fierce touch to your look